Writing is my Business. It is also my passion, combined with other essentials like expertise and originality. It's what I do
and have done for quite some time.
I wear many hats comfortably, and juggling comes naturally
to me, just like deadlines, and bringing words to life:
from press releases to pop songs, slogans to speeches.

I am a copy writer, editor, and song lyricist, as well as a portrait photographer. I've been a photojournalist, had a broadcasting career, and am the author of two acclaimed children's books, many travel guides, three poetry chapbooks, and a book about Hester van Eeghen, a Dutch bag and shoe designer.
The Cruelty of Loveless Love is the title of a collector's edition of my portraits of the writer Charles Bukowski.

My full portfolio will be available on this website soon.
For further information, please contact me by e-mail at joangannij@gmail.com, or by phone at (31) 6 21 24 22 28.

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